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Windows Phone Debug


we tried to publish our app to a WinPhone. We followed the instructions on http://support.neptune-software.com/support/solutions/articles/4000030501-building-windows-8-1-and-windowsphone-8-1-apps-with-sapui5-

But somewho we have an error, the app crushes :-(

We thought it would be possible to debug our JS code, but no way, we get lost :-(

When the debugger pops up, the source code is shown even with comments, but it's not a physical file, it says dynamic code eval, it's even not possible to change code or even set a breakpoint.

When we search for a known comment in the solution no results come up.

Is there a way to debug?



Hi Markus

The updated guide is here for Visual Studio build:


Are you using the VS debugger and it does not work ?

Another option is to embedd Winre or other JS debug script in the HTML document and start the App.

Where does it crash ? And what version of NAD are you running ? NAD 3.1 SP02 ?


Ole Andre 

The problem is that we want to run it on a Windows Surface, not Windows Phone :-(

Hi Markus

For Windows Phone Apps, we do recommend using build.phonegap.com as you do with iOS and Android. It works very well and no need to use Visual Studio.


Ole Andre 

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