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Add Neptun App as tile to Fiori Launchpad

Hello everyone,

Would like to add my custom app to Fiori Launchpad.

I can do it by opening new url but i would like to make it as it works in standard by staying in Launchpad.

I tried many things and read the documentation from SAP but still can't figure out how to make configuration for Neptun app.

Any sugestions?

Hi Aleksander,

As of today, you can only implement Neptune Apps into the Fiori Launchpad as a Custom Tile using external URL.


This guide will show you how to implement Neptune Applications into the Fiori Launchpad using semantic object:


Also more native integration options for Neptune and Fiori Launchpad are currently under development.

Kind regards


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any news about the native Integration from Fiori Apps in the Neptune Launchpad?

bg thomas

Hi Thomas,

no news about that topic.  As an URL they work out of the box.

Are you coming this June 16th to Neptune UX Summit ?   Looking forward to meeting you there :)

Kind regards,


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