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Info about Sizing

Please I would like to know if there is some best-practice for sizing a Netweaver system in order to run Neptune, using Sap Hana as database.


Hi Roberto

Neptune Platform are optimized to use less CPU/Memory than other solutions like BSP/WebDynpro. If the app runs stateless. 

We compare 1 WebDynpro user = 50-100 Neptune users. 

How many users will be using the system with Neptune ?


Ole Andre 

Thanks for the prompteness; about 2000 users are expected on Neptune. 


Please where I can find best-practices about  Neptune sizing  ?

Hi Roberto,

thanks for your reply. We are working on a Neptune system sizing guide.

In the attached picture, you can see ICF memory use under a typical HTTP server session.

The first entry of the example show ICFs memory use for the active session. It´s minimal (50k). Then, around 1,00 MB is being used by all the bundle app application logic (appcache, login, etc), and the customer´s custom class to deal with his own data.

Please remember that Neptune apps are stateless, which means that each request from each client will be an independent transaction, without the server retaining any session or status information. Memory consumption will be reduced immediately as soon as the HTTP response is sent back.

This means that a client will only be consuming resources on the web server during the processing of a request-response cycle. When a client receives a response there is usually a time delay before he issues a new request, and during this time the web server can deal with many other requests from many other clients. Neptune's solution allows you to have a larger number of clients because their requests will not be all transmitted at the same instant.

Kind regards,


Hi Julian,

just to clarify, so you are part of the Neptune Software ?

Thanks for your information


You are welcome, Roberto.

That is correct.  I am part of Neptune Software.

Kind regards,


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