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Pushwoosh notifications message

 Hi All,

I have implemented Pushwoosh notifications in my app. I'd like to take the string of message notification to save it in my logs when the app is active and when it is in background.
What is the best way to do it?


Best regards,

Hi Davide

Then you need to change the AppCache-3.1.js script. (Check the dbg version for better reading). Inside the script there is a function: initPushWoosh(). For each os there is a own handler on how to process the foreground notification. Today it is displaying a Notification popup. 

Change this script - for every all (Android,iOS,WP)


            if (event.notification.foreground === true) {



Ole Andre 

Hi Ole,

Can we create custom action sheet for push notification? we have a requirement to create Accept, Reject and Detail buttons down the push notification message and when user clicks on the Accept button it should update in back in SAP.



Hi Kondal,

this feature is not currently available out of the box.  

We will look into enhancing the push notifications for future releases and of course we will take into account your suggestion (to include actions in the message).

Thanks and kind regards,


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