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Email URL not working on iPhone

Hi All,

I'm facing a little problem.  First of all, i'm a newbie in UI5.  Here is my problem.  If I click an Email link in my app, i would like it to open a new window to create an email to that email address in Neptune Client for IOS, the apps gets stuck in a window saying "Loading" at the bottom and nothing happens.  Same thing if I clik on a phone number.  This feature (phone call) works in Safari on iPhone but not email in Safari.

Email works fine on a computer using Chrome.  Is there any settings that has to done on the iPhone to allow the Neptune Client to do those actions (phone call and email).

I'm using Neptune Client on an iPhone 4S IOS version 7.1.2.

Here is the javascript snipet for Phone link on Press event:

var href = oLinkPhone.getProperty("text");

var urlHelper = window.open("tel:" + href, "_blank");


Snipet for Email link on Press event:

var href = oLinkDetailEmail.getProperty("text");

var urlHelper = window.open("mailto:" + href, "_blank");


Thanks in advance !

Hi Pierre,

You can try SAPUI5 methods to trigger emails.
Javascript example:

// Get Email Address and trigger Email
var selectedEmail = this.getBindingContext().getProperty('EMAIL');
sap.m.URLHelper.triggerEmail(selectedEmail,"Email Subject","Email Body");


You will also find that sap.m offers triggerTel and triggerSms methods.

You can find a working example of email triggering if you download "Birthday and Anniversaries" app from Neptune Appstore.


Hope you find this information helpful, kind regards,


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Hi Julian,

Two in row.  I'm glad to see that I can count on people like you !  I will try this.

Many thanks !

:)   You are welcome Pierre. 

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Hi Julian,

You make my day !

Eureka it works on iPhone using Neptune Client and Safari and on my laptop using Chrome !  You're the best in the west lol !

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