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delay change between apps and focus table

 Hi all,

I have two problems with my app that i'm trying to resolve.

1)I have an icon tab bar which contains links to other apps. I use the AppCache.Load instruction to to move from one app to other, but I have some problems about the tablet's performances. I have a visible delay when I change tab. I tried to use a loader but I didn't work.

2)When I do an action about a row at the end of a table and there is a refresh of table, I lose the focus on the table. I would need something like an anchor.

Any suggestions?



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Hi Davide,

Please find my answers below.

1) This issue will be solved in upcoming Neptune release (mid February 2016).  You will notice that switching between apps will be much faster.

2) I agree.  You can save the scroll position on the table, and then scroll back to where you were.  Example code:

// Save scroll position

var scroller = oPageMaster.getScrollDelegate();

var position = scroller.getScrollTop();

// Scroll to saved position


Kind regards,


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