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How to reassign transport request for Neptune application?

Hi, I need to reassign transport request for my Neptune application. 

How shall I do it, what would be the right way? 



Hi Evgeny,

Sorry about this question, but just to avoid any misunderstanding, what do you specifically want to do?  move objects from one transport order to another? change the owner of a transport order?

Neptune uses the transport system as any other SAP transaction.  Apps will be in Workbench requests which can be managed using Transport Organizer.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Julian,

My case is very simple. I have a transport request and a few Neptune applications in it. I can see them in SE01 in Table Contents. I need to exclude one Neptune application from the transport request (and then assign the excluded one to a new transport request (I think the second part would be easy).



Thanks for your reply, Evgeny.

Using transaction SE10, check the objects included in the source request/task of your interest.  Cut the contents of these lines and paste them in the target request/task.  Please do not forget any of the lines and do not forget to save the changes in your transports :)


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I think it is solved. Thank you.

I`ve deleted Table content and it asked me for a new transport request when I tried to save Neptune application again. I also had to exclude MIME Repository objects related to Neptune app.



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