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Native App Deployment

Hi All

I would like to get your input in the best way to deploy framework updates to an app bundle.

I have created an app bundle and created the phonegap project and built the app for Ios and android.  This gives me a url for installation and also the ipa file for Ios.

We have currently deployed the app to a number of test users by giving them the url.  When we upgrade Neptune I have to update the phonegap app and rebuild the application.   Currently we email the users to tell them to download and install the app again, not ideal.

Is there a way to automatically push the updated ipa file out to the devices ?

We have apple enterprise license.

We run vpn clients on our devices to access erp data and Neptune applications.

Many thanks


Hi Darren

To update the mobile app, first of all use the publish in NAM, then it will be available in Neptune Application Catalog. This is now used for first time installation.

When you now have a new version, create a new version in NAM, build it and export the ZIP file, build in Phonegap and upload installation files into NAM. And activate the new version.

And you need to have the Auto Update enabled in NAM. Next time the user unloack from the PIN Code it will check for mobile updates and start downloading/installing the new version.


Ole Andre 

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HI Ole Andre

Thanks for getting back to me.  

We don't use the Neptune Application Catalog as users have to log onto this.  Our ERP users do not have sap passwords enabled, we use portal authentication and ldap.

Assuming the users are able to get the initial app pushed out to their device, will the Enable Auto update work in this case ?


Hi Darren

Yes it will work. But you need to set a default user on the /neptune/public node. It's for accessing MIME objects and nothing more, so it's safe.

Then the user will not be asked for the username/password.


Ole Andre 

Great thanks

Just to be clear, I need to create a sub node in SICF  under neptune called public and assign a user to this sub node

Hi Darren

Yes, you need to create the node. Since you set your username on it it's important that Neptune not delivers the node from our package. Then it would be overwritten for each upgrade.

For the iOS, the protocol also needs to be HTTPS. So the frontend server you are using, the URL the end-users are using, needs to be on HTTPS. It's an iOS requirement.


Ole Andre 

Thanks very much Ole Andre, its a lot clearer now.

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