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Zoom feature in a browser

Hi All,

When I increase the Zoom up to 200% in Chrome, the horizontal scroll bar does not show up automatically.  I cannot navigate horizontaly but it works vertically.  The result is that I can not use the application.

Am I doing something wrong or do I have to configure special controls or is it just not supported.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for your feedback.

Does this happen to you in the Launchpad or inside an app?

In the Launchpad, we have improved it to make it more responsive.  You will see less tiles per line as you increase the zoom level.

In a specific app:  the app itself should be responsive and adjust to the screen size.

Thanks again for your feedback and we will take a look at it for the upcoming release.

Kind regards,


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Hi Julian,

Surely it was a hard day and I was tired lol !  Sorry.  I know what you mean.  The value is right below the label.

Closed issue.

No problem Pierre. Have a nice weekend. Julian
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