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Portal Logon Procuedure


Our portal team has recently made changes that has broken the Neptune logon procedure from a mobile application.

Users now have to enter pin code, enter username and password again, and then enter a new pin.

I must stress this is NOT a Neptune issue, but am hoping you have come across this issue before.

The call to NAM URL Logon is not returning a response.  I have debugged this and it looks like it is returning the script for the portal servlet Launcher component instead of the response from the neptuneLogonPing.

Any ideas, has this happened to any other customer.

Could you point me to some documentation, thanks.

Hi Darren

One possible solution is for you to get our Neptune UX Platform 4.0 Beta 3 and upgrade your system. You have a sandbox system ?

Could this be a viable solution ? If you still experience problems, we can help out developing/tracing etc to make this logon 100% stable.


Ole Andre 

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Yes please, we can install that on one of our systems.  Thanks

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