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PDF Viewer with print/save option


we are using the PDFView in one of our apps to display a time statement. 

The PDFView only seems to offer a simple display feature only. 

In fact, what we need is a print/save feature like we were used from the WD4Abap hress_a_time_persel or any other web application with an embedded pdf container. That little menu that pops up when you move towards the botton of the pdf page (see attachment). 

Will there be any kind of feature for that? Or will the new PDF Viewer of the UX 4 release bring any new features? How is this new object different from the existing one anyway?

Thanks for your reply. 



Hi Stefan

In Neptune UX Platform, we have made the PDF Viewer as an App you can download. This App will try to use native PDF Viewer for your browser/phone for best functionality. like print/save.


Explored - PDF Viewer

If you start this link you can see an example. Start HCM -> Travel Expende Create. Get some travels and press the PDF button. 

Neptune Launchpad 4.0


Ole Andre 


that's good to hear. So all we have to do is to:

1. upgrade to UX 4.0 (or is this app available in earlier versions as well?)

2. download the pdf viewer app

3. make use of it 

As for point 3: I guess this app has different modes for instance if we wanted to use it 'embedded' in another app. In particular we have built an app similar to your paystub app (with a selection on the left hand side and the pdf viewer on the right). 

So can we use the new pdf viewer app this way?

Hi Stefan

The new PDF App will only be available from UXP 4.0.

The PDF Viewer you already are using will still be possible to use and will be maintained from Neptune further on. In UXP 4.0 we added pinch to zoom for the PDF Viewer. 

PDF App will provide extended functionality that a javascript based PDF Viewer can not. Printing/Storing documents have been requested from many customers, so we decided to create a PDF App decoupled from Neptune UXP releases and can be maintained on a faster life-cycle than Neptune Platform.


Ole Andre 


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