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Compact Mode in new Launchpad

Hello Neptune Team,

First of all, congratulations for the UXP 4.0 release, all the new features are really awesome and have a strong added value for your customers.

Regarding the new Launchpad, I would like to know if it may be possible to add a compact button in the settings for instance like in the shell example : https://template.neptune-software.com/neptune/sdk/EXP_SAMPLE_SHELL_UNIFIED

It would allow a centralized handling of the compact mode for the CurrentView (and SplitLeftApp/SplitRightApp). Thanks in advance for your answer.

Best regards.


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Hi Pierre

Thank you for the great feedback.

An option for compact mode is an excellent idea. We will add that to the upcomming SP01.

Great suggestion !


Ole Andre 

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