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Neptune Deinstallation

New customers ask us if there is a way to safely deinstall Neptune if they decide not to use it after evaluation.

Are there any plans to make the Add-On installation reversible in the future?

Best regards,


Hi Kay

With Neptune UX Platform 4.0 the SAINT installation is now possible to uninstall. 


Ole Andre 

Thanks Ole, that did not occur to me!
Great news!



my customer before install the add-on in their development system wants to be sure that the requirements included in the SAP note

2011192 (Uninstalling ABAP add-ons)

are fullfilled by the Neptune add-on.

In particular:

- Are there any dependencies between the objects in the piece list and other content?

- Have the objects been modified by the customer?

- Are the objects active?

- Do the objects belong to different software components?

Can you please confirm this?

Thanks in advance

Hi Alessandro

All the requirements are met. And our Certification is passed for Neptune UX Platform 4.0, including the uninstall functionality. 

The uninstallation works as expected and no trace of Neptune are left behind in the system.

Just to clarify that all the Application Class (ABAP) coding will not be deleted, only Neptune UX Platform.


Ole Andre 

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