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Error message looks different in launchpad

When I run the same app directly through the browser then the error messages I am getting are formatted fine:

But when I use the same app from the launchpad it adds blank lines and aligns it to the right:


Are there any settings I need to change? I am using the server->api_message_create




Many thanks.  It works fine now.  Amazing customer service guys.  In less than 2 hours you solved the issue by telling me what to do, even if it was already told in the thread.

Another one solved !

Hi Pierre We have not released the next support package, so no updates for this is available. The error will be solved if you have something in the stylesheet tab. Not needed to restyle the message box. Then the right styling will be applied to the message box. Regards Ole Andre

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I have the same behaviour since we have installed 4.0.

Showing system message in a dialog using the control MessageArea does not react the same as before.

Any update on this one instead of modifying the CSSS ?


Hi Radek

You can add this stylesheet in your app to override the CSS. If your MessageArea is called oMessageArea:


#oMessageArea .sapMSLI {
    height: auto
#oMessageArea .sapMSLIInfo {
    width: 100%;
    text-align: left;
    margin: 0;
    white-space: normal



Ole Andre 

Hi Radek

I have tested from our side and I struggle to get the same issue. The formatting is correct also inside the Launchpad. 

Can you export your App from NAD and email it to me as a ZIP file ? 



Ole Andre 

I removed the CSS from the two other apps. Cleared the cache and still the same issue. 

Ok.  Is any other app in the same launchpad that has styling?  I think there might be a CSS conflict between two apps.

Hi Julian,

No, I am not using any custom CSS in my app.



Hi Radek,

Are you using CSS in your app?  If so , you have to identify the styling with the object id that you want to apply it to.  For example:

#PageProfile .sapMImg {

        border-radius: 30px;


(PageProfile is the object that gets the styling).

Thanks and regards,


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