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Provide App-Parameters


I want to develop a Neptune Application that can be set into different "modes" or "contexts" by providing corresponding parameters when starting the app. If I call it via URL, then I can add URL-Parameters like "&key=value" and get the value for a key via JavaScript - that's ok.

But I need to achieve the same when calling the app from the launchpad. So it would be great if I could define a key-value-list in NAM when creating a Menu Item. This would help reuse apps with multiple contexts by providing the context on app-startup as a Parameter.

Is there a way to do this now or could you provide a solution for this in short time? Otherwise I have to define multiple "wrapper-apps" for all my context/param-combinations, that can be called and link those wrapper-apps in my menu tiles.

Thank you!


Tim Parth

Hi Tim,

thanks for your suggestions.

If you are using Neptune UXP 4.0, I thought the following workaround could be useful for your idea.

global  sap.n.Launchpad.currentTile   has info about the last pressed tile in Neptune Launchpad.

So inside your app (in the init method), you could check the content of this variable and provide the corresponding context accordingly.

Hope you find it helpful.

Kind regards,


Hi Julian,

thank you for your quick Reply! Yes, that sounds really helpful! I could define a mapping by myself from "tilename" to "conext" or similar. That's a nice Workaround, will try it!

But a more "officiall" way would be great. We like to use parameters to reuse certain apps (e.g. to set an app into ESS- or MSS-mode etc.).



Ok, that can work - but it is restricted. If the Name of the app is the same e.g. for ESS- and MSS-Mode, than I have the next Problem. I would then Need to Interpret the different category-GUIDs which makes it more intransparent and difficult.

It works for the Moment, but it would be great to have at least one Parameter at the tile-level, that I can retrieve in my app. Shouldn't be that complicated on your side, but would help me alot!

Hi Tim,

you can use any Tile attribute that differentiates one tile from another.  There are many of them (title, footer, background, GUID, category, etc).

As I wrote before, we will take your suggestion into consideration for next release and see what we can do about it.  

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