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Designer - Combine "object" and "attributes"


I think the designer looses much space by splitting up the editor columns for "object" and "attributes". Putting both into one column would reduce the need to resize the columns all the time because sometimes I need more screen space for "objects" and sometimes for "attributes". The "object"-part could always be above "Attributes" in the same row, IMHO.

At least this could be an "Editor-Setting", so everybody can decide for himself which option he likes most.

Thank you!


Tim Parth

Hi Tim,

The designer screen layout has been subject of many internal discussions in the development team, and all the feedback is welcome.

thanks again for your comments and ideas. :)

Have a nice week, kind regards,


So, give the Option and let the user decide. :)

Hi Tim

Great feedback. 

For most of the components it will work good this way, but we also have other components that requires a lot of space - and not so great option to share the same place for Object and Attributes.

Feel free to propose any other idea how to optimize it, and we will be more than happy to implement for our next support package. 

Thank you


Ole Andre 

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For me personally I would like to have everything in one column, even if I would have to scroll a bit more in certain situations. Scrolling with the scroll-wheel on my mouse goes much faster than scaling the columns regarding my current needs does. You even have to consider small screen sizes I still have at some customers desks, so the screen width is even more limited.

I think, letting the user decide by giving him a customizing option would be the best compromise. I see your point above - but in my daily work it would be more comfortable to have both columns together in one.

Kind regards and thanks for hearing my feedback,


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I have to agree with Tim here. It would be more pleasant to just scroll to the part I'm using VS resizing columns. As it is now, the interface works best at home, were I can work in 3440x1440 on my 21:9 monitor. That is not a luxury I have experienced at a customer. :)

Would it be possible to implement collapsable on Object and Attributes, like the internal parts of the attributes column? That way we could expand/collapse the parts we use. Please excuse my design skills, but I made a small mockup of how it could be presented.

Best regards


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Very nice Ronnie !!  We will for sure consider it :)

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Hi All

We will find a better solution for this in 4.0 SP02. I see the example from Ronny and that was really great. Thank you for the inspiration :-)


Ole Andre 

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