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Neptune App not working in SAP Portal with IE9


We have developed a neptune app for our employees.
Furthermore, we have created a UI5 iView based on the template
com.sap.portal.appintegrator.sap.UI5 in the SAP portal.

In most browsers (IE10, Chrome, Firefox) is displays just fine. In IE9
however, the app is not displayed at all. The app is displayed fine
even in IE9, when we launch it directly from the backend. But once we
integrate it in the portal via an iView it is not displayed.

Are there any restrictions regarding browser versions, Neptune apps and UI5 iViews?

Hi Stefan,

I see your point.  You have been lucky so far that you have been able to develop using IE9.  Sometimes, even standalone apps do not work on IE9.

Unfortunately, the answer to your question is: yes, IE11 is the minimum requirement.

Kind regards,


I see. My point is, we developed the app using IE9 all along. And it works fine as long as we run it standalone. Only when we Integrate it to the Portal it stops working. So I thought, you might have some experience with Portal Integration of neptune Apps. With IE10 everything works fine as well. So, IE11 really is the minimum requirement?

Hi Stefan Zeißig,

Neptune and SAPUI5 is supported from IE11 or higher.  IE9 is out of support even from Microsoft.



Kind regards,


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