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Embedd one application within another


Is there a nice way to embedd one application at a specific Location within another?

Background: I have a Master-Detail app. And by selecting one Master-Record-Entry I want to Show the corresponding Details. And those Details shall be represented by another app that is named in an Attribute of the master-list. So the backend tells the frontend which app to load for the Details.

I tried already with IFrames and embedding an URL, but that does not work as expected and Looks ugly. If you could provide a simple Control "EmbeddedNeptuneApp" with a Parameter "AppId", I could simply bind to that Attribute. And whenever that changes, the embedded app gets refreshed/reloaded accordingly.

That would also help alot in reusing existing applications. I could split them up in smaller applications and combine them again in whatever fassion I need.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Tim Parth

Hi Ole Andre,

wow, this is great news! Thank you very much! I'll try it as soon as it arrives in your AppStore.

This really is great service so far!

Kind regards,


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Hi Tim

Embedding another App (view) inside a parent object will be available next week. We will provide the possibility to update neptune_launchad* apps using Neptune AppStore. 

The new Load option will be like this:





Ole Andre 

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Hi Julian,

in my case calling the app as a popup does not help, I Need it embedded. This is a crucial part here.

Can you give me an estimate as to when this functionality will be ready?

Kind regards,


Hi Tim,

we are working on that functionality.   Nowadays you can call the second app as a Dialog.   You can check the Business Partners app (under MDM) in our Demo system as an example, and see how it is done.

Kind regards,


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