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Event after AppCache.Load


Is there an Event I can use to update the loaded app after it got loaded? If I call another app via AppCache.Load the AttachInit-Function gets called at the first time. But if I call the same app the second time it ist not, so I have no way to reinitialise the app again.

Any recommendation?

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Tim Parth

Hi Tim Parth,

for the launchpad environment we've introduced the following two functions in addition to attach-Init() :

// Only for View - Custom Init - Happens only once

sap.n.Shell.attachInit(function() {

    // Do your Stuff


// Only for View - Custom BeforeDisplay - Happens everytime the view is started

sap.n.Shell.attachBeforeDisplay(function() {

    // Do your Stuff


In the JS-Editor helpers you'll find these under SAPUI5 - Other - OnInit.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards

Christoph Garms

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Thank you both - exactly what I've needed!

I like your quick reactions. :)

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