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Event after AppCache.Load


Is there an Event I can use to update the loaded app after it got loaded? If I call another app via AppCache.Load the AttachInit-Function gets called at the first time. But if I call the same app the second time it ist not, so I have no way to reinitialise the app again.

Any recommendation?

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Tim Parth

Thank you both - exactly what I've needed!

I like your quick reactions. :)

Hi Tim Parth,

for the launchpad environment we've introduced the following two functions in addition to attach-Init() :

// Only for View - Custom Init - Happens only once

sap.n.Shell.attachInit(function() {

    // Do your Stuff


// Only for View - Custom BeforeDisplay - Happens everytime the view is started

sap.n.Shell.attachBeforeDisplay(function() {

    // Do your Stuff


In the JS-Editor helpers you'll find these under SAPUI5 - Other - OnInit.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards

Christoph Garms

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