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Tooltip propierty of Dual Line graph not shown



I am showing a Dual line graph in my app. Everything looks fine but tooltip is not being shown. It is correctly set to Visible with the' true' value in the Neptune Designer but still is not working.


When I debug Chrome navigator, I get the following error:


"Uncaught TypeError: A1[0][i].getTransformToElement is not a function" in line SAP-viz.js:40


I was not able to find out what I'm doing wrong. In the same app I have an Area graph and tooltip is correctly displayed.


My knowledge of js is quite basic, so ¿any insight, please?


Best Regards,



PD: In the designer the dual line graph is set like this:



    FlattenedDataset (binded to the proper data source)

        Dimension (axis = 1)

        Measure 1 (group = 1)

        Measure 2 (group = 2)

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