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Howto set background color to dialog.sap.m ?


I'm using oDialog objects in my desktop app, and would like to have a picture or colours added to the background. I've tried with setting CSS, but so far no luck.

None of these works.

(I've set color to green, thatt works , all my texts inside dialog appear in green)

#oDialogTest {

        background-image: url('/neptune/public/...../images/background.jpg');

        background-color: red !Important;

        background: blue !Important;


BR, Ståle

Hello Ståle,


If you use right click in Chrome with "Inspect element" function, you will see that your Dialog control is divided into several blocks, if you use "#oDialogTest-header, #oDialogTest-cont", you should be able to apply your CSS on Header and Content section.


Best regards.




Java Script.  

  document.getElementById("oDialogTest").style.borderColor = "red";

If you need to change it in java script. 

  document.getElementById("oDialogTest").style.borderColor = "red";

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