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Encryption after upgrade


Prerequisites: The existing app bundle is configured with encryption (Authentication ---> PIN Code --> Enable Encrypted Database is checked). 

Problem: After upgrading I've changed the recommend launchpad apps from our app bundle. After that I started the bundle in the browser. The passcode will not accepted any more. The following error appears in the console.

Uncaught TypeError: AppCache.decryptDB is not a function

Workaround: I've deleted the field ENABLE_ENCRYPT into the /NEPTUNE/APPCACH for our app bundle.

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Hi Gerhard

I found an issue when using NEPTUNE_APPCACHE + encryption of the database + enabled twofactor authentication. Then the error happens. That is now solved for 4.0 SP01.

I do recommend changing the Bundle to use the new NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_MOBILE. This is where we put our research and will provide extended functionality compared to the former mobile framework.


Ole Andre 

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