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Multimodel support - allow use of more than one model for data binding

Dear Neptune team, we had several requirements where multimodel support would be very useful, would allow for clear separation between data and control structures and allow combination of data from different models without duplicating values.

We had a form with input fields as well as a table with input fields on each row. At some point in the process we need to lock all input fields (both form and in the table) with property editable of the input.

We have 2 data models, one for the form and one for the table. In order to control the editable property of both form and table rows, it would be easiest to bind this property to a third separate control model.

We now solve it with duplicating the control parameter to all table model rows. With multibinding, we could have the control parameters in one global structure as well as achieve separation of data and control structures.

Please refer to http://help.sap.com/saphelp_hanaplatform/helpdata/en/91/f1156f6f4d1014b6dd926db0e91070/content.htm ;)

What do you think?

Thanks and best regards

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Hi Ole-André,

that's great news! I'm looking forward seeing your results. If you need testers, just let me know.

I really like the way you respond to ideas and try to implement as many feature requests as possible. Keep going like this!

Kind regards,


Hi Tim and Martin

More investigation from our side have been done. And we would also like to include this functionality, since it will give enhanced functionality regarding binding. 

We will try to find a good solution for everyone. The plan for now is to enable MultiModel binding as a setting. Then we will be backward compatible with existing apps.

More info will come as we implement the solution. Target is to include it in the upcomming SP01. 

Appreciate all your great feedback/suggestions.


Ole Andre 

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I would like to see this Feature, too. It's not always possible to put all fields into one Model, that are necessary to define elements correctly.

How about defining an extra model-element? This could receive ist own methods for storing and receiving data. And maybe it could hold more than one model.

It would also be nice to have a model at an AJAX call. I don't really see why I Need to add a control to my layout and setting the "only declare"-flag.

If you see any other way (without breaking everything), that would be great.

Kind regards,

Tim Parth

Hi Martin

We have solved how to enable multimodel binding. The effect is changing a lot in the coding, so backward compatibility is not possible. All coding for getContext() getBinding() etc will now require the name of the model, and thus not beeing able to use Neptune Apps before the code is adjusted.

Our conclusion for now is to not implement this change. 

Thank you for the suggestion.


Ole Andre 

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