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Problems with Neptune App Store Transport?

Skipping STMS

Are you for some reason having problems in STMS, importing the Neptune App Store transport?

In the attached file, you will find the App Store source code.  

1 - in Transaction SE24, Class builder, create class: ZCL_NAD_APPSTORE_CLIENT

Click on  , paste the whole content of the attached TXT file and Activate.

2 - in Neptune Application Designer create app:  /NEPTUNE/APPSTORE

Import the attached XML file and Activate.

Finally, if you click on ,  the App Store should open.

Older NetWeaver systems

In certain NW systems, the error message below may be displayed during the transport import.

The solution is to open Class Builder (SE24), class: ZCL_NAD_APPSTORE_CLIENT and comment the line of code highlighted in green.

Activate the change and the App Store should be ready to go.

Enjoy !

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