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Cascade dis- / enabling of UI controls in NAD

Dear Neptune Support

A nice feature would be when an UI control in NAD is dis- / enabled then its child UI controls should be dis- / enabled as well.



Thanks Patrick. :)

Actually, when you disable a control, the children will be also disabled.   

Yes. we could also show them as disabled in the tree.   :)

Thanks again, kind regards,


Hi Julian

Sorry for not being specific enough.

Yes you are right - the subcontrols are not instantiated.

But it would be nice to have this reflected in the HTML document structure in NAD.

And also::

- whenever a UI control is disabled the syntax check considers only this UI control (by ignoring it) but not its subcontrols...

So lets say I copy & paste the following structure:


-- subUI-1.1

-- subUI-1.2

Now I have the structure above twice in my HTML document.

Now I disable the top element of one of the two structures and I will receive duplicate entry error after syntax check.



Thanks a lot Patrick!  Your example is very clear.  I have forwarded it to the dev team.  

Hi Patrick

I can confirm that this functionality is now included for the upcomming SP01.

Thank you for the suggestion.


Ole Andre 

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