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Need help for CSV donload with semicolon separator

 Hello all,

We have requirement to download table entries in a CSV format with semi-colon as separator in our Neptune desktop application. We were using sap.ui.table format table and we have to remove few columns not to download in file , even though those columns were visible for output display in screen.

Another restriction is to download the selected rows alone, if none selected whole table have to be downloaded.

We have tried the model. exportData().saveFile("Filename"); command , whereas it download whole table details in CSV format with comma separator.

Kindly guide us to apply the restriction in JS on the issue . Thanks in advance.


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Hi S.Sriram,

Please check Material List app (under master data management) in Neptune App Store.

In the exportCSV  script code  you will find a customizable piece of logic that you can adapt to fit for your specific requirement.

Kind regards,


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