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SAPUI5 path as an application specific setting

Dear Neptune DEV Team

In order to try out new functionalities of the most actual openui5 libraries one hast the possibility to specify the SAPUI5 Path as global settings of NAD.

However it would be cool to have this setting per application, so other exisiting applications are not affected when setting the SAPUI5 for this specific application only.

Basically if in the application the SAPUI5 Path is not specified then it will check the global settings. If the path there is empty as well it will take the shipped openui5 library from Neptune, otherwise use the one from global setting or the one specified in the application..

I hope this is a reasonable feature.



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Hi Patrick,

I like your idea! :)  Thank you.

This would work easily when running apps as standalone.  The issue I see right now is when you run apps inside a launchpad.

The launchpad itself loads the UI5 library and then each app inside the launchpad makes use of it.  This is why apps load faster inside the launchpad.

In this case, we are back into only one "global" UI5 version.

Let's have some more thoughts about this feature and see if we come with a solution.

Thanks again for sharing your ideas.  We appreciate it a lot.

Kind regards,


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