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Prerequisites to install Neptune in SAP CRM


I was trying to find pre-requisites to install Neptune in SAP CRM. However I could not get clear picture. I see that NW 7.x is fine. Is version SAP_BASIS 702 is compatible to install Neptune and start building apps?

Is Neptune anyway related to SAP Fiori prequisites ( SAP CRM 7.0EHP2)?



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Hi Laxman,

You can install Neptune in SAP CRM.  SAP_BASIS 702 is 100% compatible.  Neptune is not related (in any way) with SAP Fiori pre-requisites.

Netweaver 7 and higher is the only pre-requisite.

More info: https://template.neptune-software.com/neptune/sdk/explored#doc00163EDC99661EE5A38F986A87E5A88C

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