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Theme Designer Issues

Hi guys!

I have change my default bluecrystal theme to a customized theme.. And just trying to do few changes I have noticed that when I import my theme into my neptune application, I start seeing my tyles (sap.suite.genericTile) as follows:

Instead of squares, I see my tiles as rows..

Also I have noticed that I can not see this item on the designer, so maybe it is not available for theme designer.

Should I change this visual item? Any other idea?

Thanks in advance

Best regards


Hi Enrique,

SAP has been doing lots of changes to the UI5 theme designer.  Basically, they are moving almost the whole sap.suite.ui library to sap.m  (that is why the generic tile looks so ugly in your screenshot).
So basically the issue is:   
SAPUI5 Theme designer -> using SAPUI5 1.36.9
Neptune UXP 4.0 -> using  SAPUI5 1.32.7

The good news is that in a couple of weeks we are releasing Neptune UXP 4.0 SP1, with updated UI5 1.36, and updated Theme Import.
Had been testing it and It works very nicely :)     Stay tuned!

Kind regards,
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