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DateTimeInput set initial value


I'm with a problem.. When i use a datetimeinput controler in the screen, how could i set a default value?

I'd like that when the screen is loaded, this field receives the atual date and time..

More one doubt.. To send this data to SAP, the SAP field should be a string field?

Thanks a lot..

Hi Mamud,

To set a value you can use the setValue() method.

For example, for setting today's date: oDateTimeInput.setValue("6/7/16");

Yes, to send this data to SAP, you can use a string field.

More info about the DateTimeInput:


Kind regards,


Julian, thanks for the answer.. But.. Where can i call this method? In what event of datetimeinput? And in your exemple i'm setting just date.. How can i set date and time? Thanks again..
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