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Split App - First Master Page displayed

Good Day,

I have developed a split app. Is it possible to call the oApp masterButton event from within the app? For example - after the initial load i would like the master page to automatically be displayed when using any tablet in portrait layout.

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Hi Shireen,

Since version 4.0, the first page in the object tree (the closest one to the root) is the one that will be automatically displayed first in a splitApp, in portrait mode.  (No additional coding needed).

In the pic above, oPageMaster will be displayed first.  You also need to set that page as a masterPage in its position attribute.

Then, for Navigation in SplitApps, you can use:

pageName1's position is addMasterPage
pageName2's position is addDetailPage

I will convert this ticket into a forum topic as it may be helpful for other developers.

Kind regards,
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