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OCI catalog intergaration


I would like to find out how to integrate OCI catalog integration within Neptune? 

Currently users in SAP while creating purchase requisition using ME51N can click on the catalog button to go to Staples online product catalog and punch out items that then gets transferred to the ME51N screen. 

Is it possible to integrate such functionality in a Neptune app? Any pointers will much appreciated. 



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Hi Vijay

Yes, this should be possible to do. There is no standard way in Neptune to do it, like a OCI Object, so we will gladly help out with the development of this functionality. 

Can we schedule a websession next week to clarify your needs and see the current OCI Integration ?


Ole Andre 

Thanks Ole Andre,

We can connect next week. If you are available on Monday or Tuesday let me know and I can send you a meeting invite. 



Hey there!

The question is 9 month old by now - do have developed a module for OCI-integration?

I ask, because we want to activate cataloges in purchase requisition/order but dont want to buy SRM from SAP . Maybe we can use a Neptune web-app instead...

Kind regards - Sven

Hi Sven,

Yes we have managed to build OCI catalog integration ( Both External Catalogs and Internal Catalogs ) using Neptune in ECC without the need of SRM. 

You can find more details in this blog


Hope this helps. 



Hi Sven

Neptune does not have the OCI as a default App. But Absoft UK did created it. I recommend you to take contact with Radek Chudziak, the developer that created it. 


Ole Andre 

Hello Ole-André,

thank you for your fast reply. I'll contact Mr. Chudziak.

Regards, Sven

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