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Initial PW Change in Neptune Catalog


we have user which are accessing SAP via Neptune only by means of mobile device.
Their first action is to open the Neptune catalog and install the app on their mobile device.
We don't like to give them the webapp URL for the bundle to prevent that they are using the browser on the mobile phone instead the app.

Is it possible to get the option to change initial PW in Neptune catalog?

Thanks and regards

Hi Michael,

you can try the following in your system:

1 - ICF node  /neptune/webapp must be active.

2 - set App  /neptune/catalog to run under  the webapp node.

3 - The new URL for Neptune Catalog will be:


TIP:  you can test it using the browser's private mode.  It will ask for login and also changing password should work if required.

Kind regards,


Hi Julian,

thanks for the hint. It is working now as desired with the additional webapp node in the URL.

Feature request is recalled. :-)

Kind Regards

You are welcome. ;)

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