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Install Neptune on S4HANA


I am trying to install on S4HANA, however the install guide is not working.
when i try and find out what is not working i get the following:

OCS package SAPK-400COINNEPTUNE does not match the current software component vector

Message no. TN543

Is there a different install for S4HANA?

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Hi Barry

I have passed your request further to SAP. Find it strange that this requirement auto generates. We have the latest AAK for creating SAINT Packages.

A solution (short term) is to provide you with Neptune UX Platform 4.0 SP01 - Complete package - as a transport on Friday 24. June.

Will that work for you ?


Ole Andre 

Hi Barry,

S/4HANA Installations require SAP_ABA 75A while older Netweavers do not.

We are creating an Attribute Change Package (ACP) for the Neptune UXP Add-On so that the requirements for installation are also met when installing in ABAP 7.50.  

Please stay tuned! It will be available shortly.

Kind regards,


Hi Barry

We have now updated the installation package to also contain optional requirements to meet S/4HANA SAINT Installation.

You need to download the installation package again and import into SAINT. 

Please let me know if all is working fine with the installation. If importing an updated package is not working we will create an ACP (Attribute Change Package).


Ole Andre 

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