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IE11 NAM Publish Bundle to Neptune Client


I tried to "Publish Bundle to Neptune Client", but the Button is not visible.

The Problem is mentioned in docu yet (some IE11 Versions).

Is there any other way to fix this?


NW7.5 / UXP4.0 Demo System / IE11

Kind regards,


You are welcome :)


Worked :)

Thanks alot!

Ok,  that is the issue then..  IE !!!   :) :)

We have 3 options then:

1 - Use any other browser except IE.

2 - Upgrade to SP1 (to be released this Friday).

3 - in IE dev console  (F12), while NAM is open, execute the following statement:


The button should appear automagically.

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Hi Julian,

we use IE11 only:

Screenshot NAM GUI:

Screenshot NAM Browser:

Hi Philipp,

thanks for the image!  I completely agree :) :)

What browser versions are you using ?    (where you do not see the button).   Also any screenshots are welcome!

I am looking forward to update on friday :)



Hi Julian,

I opened NAM in Browser, but it is not shown ;) I forgot to mention it in my first posting sorry.

Kind regards


Hi Philipp,

to see the "Publish to Neptune Client" button, just click here 

so that you open NAM  in your browser  (Chrome / Firefox).

This Friday, June 24th we are releasing 4.0 SP1, and the button will be visible everywhere. :)

Kind regards,


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