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Call Crm App from ECC bundle


I developed an offline test app in CRM and have configured the CRM Application to be launched from our ECC bundle app.  I created a new role based menu item and I used an external url for this in the action config.

I remember seeing on a presentation that I could now use this application offline using UX 4.0 from my ECC App but I can't get this to work.

When I go offline the Crm Application tile is greyed out and has some text that says its "not loaded".

Any pointers on this, I couldn't find any documentation on external apps



Hi Darren,

Another approach could be the following:

1 - Export your CRM app from the CRM system (only the UI, not the ABAP Class).

2 - Import the app (from step1) into your ECC system.

3 - In NAD, ECC system, change the RFC destination of the imported CRM app to point to the CRM server where the ABAP Class is.

4 - In NAM, change the CRM App tile action to open the recently imported App  (instead of using URL).

Hope I am clear enough, otherwise please let me know.

Have a nice day,


Thanks again Julian, that approach makes sense.

Do you have an export / import tool ? How do I achieve this ?

Also, is there a way to set the rfc destination from code as our CRM system has different destinations in our dev, qas and production systems.



You are welcome, Darren.

You will find Import / Export  in Neptune Application Designer: 

Unfortunately, there is now easy dinamyc way of setting the RFC destination :(

The RFC Destination is stored in table /NEPTUNE/APP   RFCDEST field.   (Key is APPLID = name of your app).

Maybe having a short ABAP report that updates the correct table value according to the system-id ? (and running it in QAS, and PROD)

Kind regards,


Perfect Julian

Thanks for your help on this

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