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Hana Cloud Platform

I have published or App to the Hana Cloud Platform. The Connection to the back-end is coded with one User ID (which is mine). When accessing the App through HCP Portal I need to know the User ID from the portal user in order to determine which data he can view (e.g. demo or real customer. HCP has Parameters to pass but how do I receive them in Neptune Back-End ??

Thx in advance.

Hi Andreas,

I guess in the HCP Destination you have setup, a username and password is hardcoded as in the pic below.

Then in Neptune Backend ABAP classes, sy-uname will always be  your username (robert in my example).

To know the HCP Portal username in the Backend, basically you have two options:

1 - Setup Principal Propagation.  So that each user in HCP Portal can be mapped to a user in the backend.  The identity is then trasferred via SAP Cloud Connector.

2 - Code a workaround:  inside Fiori Launchpad, you can get the user details by using JavaScript.  You could send any of this details in your ajax calls, and then use them in your ABAP class.



Kind regards,


Thx Julian that was very helpfull.

You are welcome ;)

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