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Error in app from Launchpad, but no error when launching app in Navigator

Hello guys!


I have an app that can run both in Launchpad and in the navigator. In Launchpad, I received a javascript error message, complaining that a particular control in a view is not defined. The javascritpt code is located in a custom script and the control is correctly set in the view.


However when I directly run the app in the IE/Chrome, I see that the control is correctly identified, so no error is prompted.


By debugging I can confirm script is executed in both cases. If I comment out the sentence, I receive the same error, but complaining about the following control.


Which is the reason of this different behaviour? Any insight, clue?


Best Regards,


Hi José,

I think this article will help you :)


If it does not help, please send us some screenshots of the console errors you get in the launchpad and the lines you comment to "make it work".

Kind regards,


Hi Julian


Thanks for your quick response.


In first attachment you see the script (and the line) is causing the problem. The second screen shows the error console.


Am I suppossed to reference the control through the view?


Best Regards,


(52.9 KB)
(23.4 KB)

Hi José,

for your Init script please use a ScriptCode element (from the HTML5 folder) and place your phone-specific code in the following function:

// InitLoad

sap.ui.getCore().attachInit(function() {

    setTimeout(function() {

        // Place your code here

    }, 200);


This Explored sample might also be helpful https://template.neptune-software.com/neptune/sdk/explored.html#appZUI_NAD_CS_SPLITAPP. Please take a look at the oPageHidden of the sample. 

We would also recommend to have a look at our latest Design Best Practice article: https://template.neptune-software.com/neptune/sdk/explored.html#doc00163EDC99661EE68FF330963E0AC377

Kind regards


Hi Christoph


Problem solved! Thanks a lot for your feedback.


Kind Regards,


Thanks for the update, José !  Have a nice weekend

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