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OADP (Object and Data Provider) in Neptune


we are looking for a neptune equivalent to the OADP component in webdynpro. 

OADP is one of the most common components in SAP Manager Self Services that allows the managers to select employees from a list of their direct reports or from a tree structure of their organization e.g. for reporting etc. 

In webdynpro there is an immanent component that supports this. It is basically only config work to provide the evaluation paths to find the objects but the whole presentation layer is there. 

You can check out WD component OADP_EXAMPLE to see what I mean. You can use SAP standard org view group MSS_TMV_EE for testing (you have got to use a user that is assigned to a manager position). 

My question is: is there anything like this available in Neptune? If not, when will it be available? Obviously it would be a huge effort to create something similar from scratch. And as I said, this is a central feature in most MSS services. 

Hi Stefan

I have checked the OADP_EXAMPLE, and view the org tree to get assigned positions inside it. Can you explain a bit more on what functionality you would like to be available in Neptune ? 

If you like we can also schedule a websession so you can show me the desired functionality.


Ole Andre 

Hi Ole, 

thanks for the fast response. Actually the selection in the OADP component would return Pernrs or org. units.

Eventually we would like to build a reporting app for managers. As a starting point the manager would chose basic parameters such as period or key date and then one or more pernrs which are then passed an input parameters into a selected report. 

You may have noticed that the component in OADP_TEST does not allow selections at all but you can fiddle in debugging with the selection mode or you can check out Webdynpro app HRMSS_REPORTING_LAUNCHPAD which is pretty much what we want to achieve. 

Here the manager can select a report. Then one or more employees from a list or one or more org. units (and subsequently the employees in them) which are then passed to another component to execute the report. 

If you don't have the configuration for the launchpad, you can also start wd app HRMSS_OADP_REPORTING which would be the employee selection after a report has been selected from the launchpad.

Hi Ole, 

thanks for the fast response. 

Eventually what we would like to build is a reporting app similar to Webdynpro App HRMSS_REPORTING_LAUNCHPAD. Here a manager can select a report (from a configurable list) and then further basic parameters such as time period or key date and a number of objects (namely Pernrs or Org. Units) which are then passed as parameters to the report. 

If you don't have the config for HRMSS_REPORTING_LAUNCHPAD in your system you can also check out Webdynpro App HRMSS_OADP_REPORTING which would be the component to select the Pernrs or Org. Units after the report has been selected. 

Here you can see the OADP component in a setting that allows to select one or more rows and to pass the selected objects to another component. 

This is ultimately what we are looking for in Neptune. As I said, you can find this feature in almost every major MSS service (e.g. if the manager would like to start a process for a certain employee or just select any object for further processing). 


I guess, no feedback means no solution from your side?

Hi Stefan,

sorry for the delay in our reply.  The HR functionality you clearly describe should be coded as a new "HR reporting app".

I have already added it to the list of requested apps so that the App development team considers it for the future.

As you might already know, the existing Neptune App Store apps are provided for free and "as-is" to customers who purchased the Neptune UX Platform.

If you really need to develop this app in the near future and have specific requirements, my personal recommendation is to develop it internally or hire a partner to do it for you so that it fits perfectly your needs.

Thanks and kind regards,



in fact we already decided to go for an internal development. However, I do believe that reporting is one of the most desired features in ESS/MSS. You could hardly sell it without it. 

Also, I thought I should let you know that is OADP component is highly used across many MSS scenarios and very flexible. The webdynpro component is very mature. I guess there is no way around to have something similar in Neptune/Fiori.

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