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Language in app from Launchpad is not correct

Hello guys


I'am having problems with my app. I've copied one standard Neptune app and I've introduced my changes. This app has texts in EN and ES.


End-user has as default language ES. When launching the app in the browser he correctly sees all texts in ES.


However when he launchs the app from our launchpad, all texts are displayed in EN.


Language launchpad is also ES. So which is causing EN texts to be shown?


I thought end-user default language is always the main one.


Please any idea would be appreciated.



Hello Jose,

There are some explanations available on this link : http://support.neptune-software.com/support/solutions/articles/184096-languages-translation

As a workaround for your issue maybe linked to launchpad, you can ask to your users to deal with the same URL except that :


has to be added to the end of the URL.

Best regards.


Hello PEB


Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Sadly I still have the problem and proposed workaround is not feasible, as app runs in cell phones.


I've found this threat that could help:



When I had the chance, I would update the SP. I'll keep you posted with the result.


Kind Regards,


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