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Hybrid app unable to login

I have build an app using phonegap. The app opens up and shows the login screen. When trying to log in the busy indicator kicks in and the nothing happens. I have used the chrome remote debugging tool to find the issue which can be seen in the image below. I was able to build and run phonegap apps before. The only difference now is that I am specifying the 1.2.1 version of the sql plugin as the 1.4.6 fails.

I was running Neptune 4.0 and it didn't work. Installed SP1 today and still not working.

(22.9 KB)

Fixed it. I removed the SQL lite version specification in the config.xml file. With SP1 it works fine as a new sql lite plugin is provided.

Hi Radek

Great that it now works.

In Neptune UXP 4.0 SP01 we changed the SQLite plugin and now have a version for Enterprise, developed for Neptune. Faster and now also works as intended with Phonegap Build,


Ole Andre 

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