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Multiple Files with File Uploader


I haven't found any examples implement the FileUploader with Neptune for multiple upload.

How can I upload more than one File.

Is there also a possibility to add the files for uploading in a list and send them all together to the backend after clicking a button?

Kind regards

Stefan Erkens

Hi Stefan,

Yes, the examples for FileUploader component only upload a single file at a time.

To see an example on how to upload many files at once, you could check the "GOS Attachments" App (under Core category) in Neptune App Store.

Basically this app does what you need by using an HTML  input field and Javascript FileReader   to submit the files to the backend.

Kind regards,


Hi Julian,

I imagine that the GOS Attachment App can use with version 4.x. Currently we work with version 3.1.

So we can use the GOS Attachments app if version 4.x is installed into our system.


You are welcome, Stefan.

Yes, GOS Attachment App requires Neptune Launchpad and therefore Neptune version 4.x

You can take the GOS Attachments app as an "inspirational example" and copy the functionality for uploading files into your existing app   :)

You will find it in the attached zip file.   Have fun !   


Hallo Julian,

thank you for sending the example. I solve my problem nearly in the same way.

The app send the uploaded filestream to a sap database table, save it and fill the list from table in the event "uploadComplete". After that you can also delete it from database table and reload the list.

See the screenshot.

(24.8 KB)

Very nice job !! :)

Hello Julian,

I implemented the fileUploader in one of my apps as per the GOS Attachment app, it works well in an Android version of the App, but running it in a Windows version causes it to crash out. Do you have any ideas where the problem might be?



Hi Gareth,

If you run the app in IE11, do you get any error message in the console ?   It would help a lot to have at least an error message so we know where to dig in.

Are you running your app in the Windows Neptune Mobile Client (available in Windows Store) ?

Are you using the latest version of the GOS Attachment app ?

Kind regards,


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