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Importing libraries to the designer


I am using Neptune Designer and I want to import some libraries and functionalities to the designer instead of adding them through javascript. The few libraries I need are sap.ushell and in sap.uxap I want to add the anchor tab. How can I add that to my designer?

Hi Ayush,

Incorporating new components so that they can be dragged-n-dropped is not a straight-forward task.  

What specific components are you looking for, apart from  sap.uxap.AnchorBar  ?

Kind regards,


Apart from sap.uxap.AnchorBar I was looking for hcp.people.profile which is not in the designer. Is there any library which has the same comonents or is there any way I can import this library in the designer in neptune 4.0

hcm.people.profile . Apologies for the wrong name.

Hi Ayush,

Unfortunately, there is no easy way that you can import those components into the library so that they are available for Drag and drop.

I have asked the development team to incorporate sap.uxap.AnchorBar in a future release.

hcm.people.profile is not a UI5 component.  It looks like the controller of the People Profile SAP Fiori App.

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Hello, Apparently the way I wanted my responsive layout to look can be achieved without hcm.people.profile and also the anchor bar property is mixed with the objectPageLayout when I was working wuth the properties of that. The one thing that I was not able to achieve was the background of the header text in sap.uxap. I want to make it white but it is not changeble from light or dark. What do you suggest for this?

Hello Ayush,

I think you are referring to the attribute highlighted below.

Also, taking a look at the  View Team Details app might help you in the development of your new app.

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