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Bug in OverlapCalendar


we have a strange bug in the OverlapCalendar. I'm not sure whether this is related to SP1 that we have just implemented or if this issue existed before (it was discovered just today due to the data constellation). 

The overlap indicator is not working properly. As you can see in this screenshot, there should be a red indicator in the 7th. But instead it is actually displayed on the 25th where there is no overlap. 

So basically the indicator is shifted from the last displayed day to the first. 

It gets even stranger when there actually is another overlap on the first day. 

Again no overlap is indicated on the last day, but the indicator for the first day is twice a thick. 

We actually struggeled a lot with the OverlapCalendar after SP1 update. 

When we marked the days in the calander like this (as in your template for the team calender): 

CONCATENATE lv_team_begda(4) '-' lv_team_begda+4(2) '-' lv_team_begda+6(2)
 'T00:00:00' INTO wa_team_calendar-startday.
 CONCATENATE lv_team_endda(4) '-' lv_team_endda+4(2) '-' lv_team_endda+6(2)
 'T00:00:00' INTO wa_team_calendar-endday.

we had the issue that Java converted this to 22:00:00 the day before (UTC). So essentially all dates were displayed one day earlier than we actually passed them. 

We worked arround this by changing the hours to: 

CONCATENATE lv_team_begda(4) '-' lv_team_begda+4(2) '-' lv_team_begda+6(2)
 'T12:00:00' INTO wa_team_calendar-startday.
 CONCATENATE lv_team_endda(4) '-' lv_team_endda+4(2) '-' lv_team_endda+6(2)
 'T12:00:00' INTO wa_team_calendar-endday.

But it does not feel like this is a sustainable solution either. 

However, maybe the issue with the overlap indicator is related to this as well. 

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for sharing this finding on the Overlap Calendar and its indicators.  I have been able to reproduce it.

The Overlap calendar component has been deprecated.  In SP2 you will get the Planning Calendar (it is already part of SP1 but a small fix was needed).  Also, once SP2 is released, the Team-Calendar Template App will be updated so that it makes use of the new Planning Calendar.

Thanks again for the detailed post, it is very helpful for all of us.

Kind regards,


So? Is this a bug that won't be fixed? What's the root cause of this bug? Is there anything we can do to fix this? Otherwise, I guess we have to resort to disabling the overlap indicator. 

Just because it's "deprecated" doen't me we can't use it anymore, I hope. 

What's the effort of migrating to the planning calender? Currently we are lucky to have everything up and running as it is. 

Hi Stefan,

This is a bug in the SAPUI5 Overlap Calendar component.   The fact that it is "deprecated" means you can go on using it, but SAP will not put more effort on fixing it / developing it further.   That is why, I recommend to use the Planning Calendar instead.

Regarding effort:

As I wrote before, a fix which will be part of SP2 is needed in Neptune Server in order to use the Planning Calendar component.  If you want to have the fix before SP2 is released, the necessary changes are included in the attached word file.

The Team Calendar template app will be modified after SP2 is released.  If you decide to apply the fix in the attached file and want an example of the usage of the Planning Calendar, you can check the following sample: https://template.neptune-software.com/neptune/sdk/explored.html#appEXP_SAMPLE_PLANNING_CALENDAR

Have a nice day, kind regards,


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