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Press event on list item

Hi all

I am facing some problems about events on control sap.m.List.

I am trying to catch the press event. As seen on documentation it seems I have to implemt the event itemPress, but it doesn't work (no error on browser console). I am trying simply some alert for testing events on List and also on ObjectListItem / sap.m (above a screenshot of how I set nodes properties). None of the events present works as I expected. The only event working is on oblect List and is the selectionChange event (correctly triggered when selection is made for the first time or when selection change). Is this correct? When other events get triggered? Am I missing something?



solved: events were not triggered because I did not set an opportune Type Properties (navigation for example) in ObjectListItem.

Hope could help



Hi Gabriele,

Great that you found the Type property of the Item.   That will also enable the DetailPress / DetailTap events.

Thanks for sharing your questions and answers so that it helps everyone.

Kind regards,


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