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App load on parent object problem


Now, working with apps embeded on other apps I am facing a singular problem.

I have one tab on my app with a list witch I can scroll nicely if I do not open my embeded app.

Once I open my embeded app on another tab, it fix my tab height and when I go to previous tab I find out that I can not scroll down any more, so I am not able to see my bottom list. 

Have you faced this problem before? Is there an easy work around for this?

At the moment I am trying changing css properties so if I am able to solve I will update the note

Best regards


Hi Enrique,

Let's try an easy workaround.  When you go back to the previous tab (the one with the List inside)..  have you tried the following ?
  • tab.rerender();
  • page.rerender();

Kind regards,
Have you checked out Neptune Explored? Samples, Videos & Documentation www.neptune-software.com/explored


page.rerender() did the trick! Thanks Julian


Perfect.  Thanks for the update, Enrique !
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