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Hello everybody I would like to share my wishes in the hope it might appear in the next releases:

Easy ones.

1) Please change the entry screen for NAD that the App Name will be proposed(GPA,SPA)

Now the big ones:

2) The nature of our App Development is handling extrem large volumes and very dynamic data.

I have (today) 35 Metric for  a single Object which means I have 35 fields in a table row. The table has up to 10.000 entries.

We have a search engine which will show 35 Metrics to select from (normally 2-3 Metrics) and than we initiate a search on the 10.000 entries and we will get a small result List in most of the cases.

Now I would like to show only the fields requested by the search and set all other fields invisible. Without this the rendering of the page is very slow because the row has 40+ fields per row.

Of course I could write JavaScript code to do that but is there any other sleek way to implement something like this.

Some screen shots:

I only selected one Metric.

Result List:

The first 5 Fields are always fixed but after that I am having the 35 Metrics per row and I only need the red framed row.

3) Furthermore it would be extremely helpful to have some of Neptune´s Functions available in terms of formatting:

  •  Format Source Code like you do in Explored when showing the application Class( MOST IMPORTANT WISH)
  •  Have the formatting available for Text/Documentation etc.. to build our own easy Documentation Tool.

4) Having the ability (Native) to convert List/Table Outputs in to an Excel Inplace or Download( Like Smart Tables in Fiori)

5) Print or Report Capabilities  

6) I do believe the way you treat Transport Orders (CTS) is not entirely correct when copying Apps in the NAD.

  1. you should  first check , if it is a Transportable Object or not , then ask for a Transport Order Number. Even a Development Class can  not be transportable since the transport Route is Blank ! 

7) Namespaces

We will run into problems at customers who have large system landscapes and have very strict naming conventions.

I believe that ALL your Core Apps (GOS Services, etc..) should be in the /NEPTUNE/ Namespace. So when ever I export and Import an App I am sure I will not overwrite any customer Namespace.

In the other case I always have to copy your App and Application Class into a new Z* or Y* or /..../ Namespace and I will loose the updates by Neptune for these Apps.

It might be also helpful to offer the possibility to replace the ZUI_... with whatever the customer requires as a namespace. This requires of course that all the objects (Tables, structures, fields) are either defined by TYPES or are in the Neptune Namespace.

So that´s it

I hope I can help to get a great Procduct even better

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Hi Andreas

Thank you for the wish list. I will try to answer what can be answered directly:

1) This is not possible, since the requirement is to insert a new Parameter Value into SAP Standard table, and this is not supported by certified SAP Add-Ons. I would also love to have this.

2) To achieve it, i think the best option is to create a new model, with all the colums as fields. The assign visible true/false to the values depending on your selection. Then you need to take usage of a javascript to set visibility of the columns depending on your settings. The reson for this is due to model restriction in UI5, that a field below the "Internal Table" model can't use fields from another model. This is multimodel approach and have so far not been implemented due to backwards compability issues. 

3) I need a bit more explanation on this topic. Where do you want the formatting ?

4) Agree. We do have some code in our Apps in AppStore that use a more generic way. Let us put this request into future request for next support package, or make it a new javascript function/method to generic create excel based on your model. 

5) Printing from the browser is usually triggered by window.print(); method. The normal issue with this approach is the formatting on printer, having to many UI controls on the print. You have an option to recreate the print screen in HTML/CSS, front-end printing - or use print functionality from SAP / in combination with PDF generation if required.

6) Not sure I understand the issue here. When we coopy an App ( from NAD ) - we do popup for a transport request for you to select or create. Can you explain more ?

7) Our apps from Neptune UX Platform core are in /NEPTUNE* namespace or NEPTUNE* namespace. The apps from the AppStore is in the namespace ZUX_NAD* for the App and ZCL_NAD* for the Class. You should not be able to overwrite your own Apps by importing from Neptune AppStore. As long as you do not use these namespaces. The idea of changing name of the Apps before importing from AppStore is ok, but then we will not know the "Original" app and thus check if there is an updated version in our AppStore. 

We can also schedule a websession to discuss further. Appreciate your feedbacks and your support :-) 


Ole Andre Haugen

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