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Usage of busy indicator and translatable Text in your app

When I do Extended Check on my Neptune Application, It tells me statement sap.ui.core.BusyIndicator.show()   is obsolete?
Can you suggest me should I comment out the Code?

Also I have used Hard Code Error Text for front end Validation on fields.
Below is the screen shot. Could you please suggest whet should I do to remove them from the list?

Thank you.
Best Regards.


Hi Shree Mohan Pugalia,

The sap.ui.core.BusyIndicator.show() will use an busy indicator over the entire screen. Now with our new Launchpad we recommend using a busy indicator on the App itself. So multiple apps can run at the same time. 

If you are using sap.m.shell as the parent object (recommended), you can use oShell.setBusy(true/false); 

For text elements, this check is to find not translatable text statements. That is depending on your apps if they do need translation. We recommend using a textelement sap.m.Text, place for example as child to sap.m.page - not beeing visible, but the elements can be used.


Then to use the text, in this example: AppCache_tEnterUsername.getText();

Now you can translate all these text elements to your desired language and the text will be presented in the right language.



Thank You Ole Andre for very fast response!

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