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NAM: create Menu Item - action: adding sapevent

Dear all,

during a PoC we have the requirement to use Neptune launchpad as Easy User Entry Point to existing SAP transactions. In this environment is would be very helpful to have the opportunity to release a sap-event also. actual we have build an app which only releases this event and starts afterwards the depending process/transaction etc.

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Hi Ralf,

do you think we could take a look at the app that you've build to release this event?

Thanks & regards


Hi Ralf

I guess you then run the Launchpad inside the SAPGUI ? Or do you use the webgui to process the sap-events ? 

We already have support for it, if you run inside our Neptune GUI Client, with options to trigger an sap-event and launch a transaction.

And NAM supports running an SAP transaction using webgui from the Tile.


Ole Andre 

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