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Neptune Launchpad with Standard Fiori Apps


can we use the Neptune Launchpad as a hybrid solution to also include standard fiori apps? 

Also, how can we control the service portfolio (visibility of services) for different users. We have only one single authorization role for all employees. But we would like to manage access to service e.g. based on organizational assignment etc. 

Hi Stefan,

UXP 4.0 Support Package 02 will be released today.

We're happy to tell you that your feature request has been implemented. Please check out our release notes, especially the contributors section ;)


You can soon download SP02 here: http://www.neptune-software.com/experience/downloadneptunesoftware/

Beste Grüße

Christoph Garms


actually it's not my idea. SAP had this already 10 years ago in their portal's homepage framework customizing. For each service you could bind a proxy class that determined the properties (e.g. visibility) at runtime. The interface had username and servicename as input parameters and the property set as output. Within the proxy class you could implement any kind of custom coding. 

For us it is absolutely not practical to use role assignments for the policies (let alone user names). We have 10.000 Users with hundreds of organizational changes every month or other attribute changes that could impact the set of available services. Maintaining roles for that would not only be a mess but also a huge effort. So we really need a much more flexible and scalable solution. 

When will the next release be available?

Hi Stefan,

thanks for the detailed explanation of your request.

We like your idea and will look into a possible implementation of such a fm feature for the next release.

We will keep you posted!


Hi Christoph, 

thanks for the response. As for the launchpad access control maybe I didn't make our requirement clear enough. As far as I understand your policy concept, it is still based on SAP backend authorization roles after all. 

However, we only have to very generic roles (one for employees one for managers) whereas the actual concept of offering services to employees can be much more complex. 

For instance, some services might only be relevant to employees who belong to a certain org. unit but not to others. Other services might only be relevant for employees who have flex time (e.g. time management apps) while others don't need those services. 

We want to make sure that every employee has access to only those services which are relevant to his specific situation. Obviously we don't want to create authorization role sets for every possible combination which would also mean someone would have to constantly maintain the role assignment.

Instead we would like to make use of the criteria that we already have in the employee master data. 

So what we need is a feature that evaluates the users master data and make a visible/invisible decision dynamically at runtime. For example, you could create a feature that allows to put a a function module in the policy (rather than an authorization role). That function module would the return a simple visible/invisible for each service on the launchpad.

Hi Stefan,

yes, you can add standard Fiori apps to a hybrid Neptune Launchpad, how to: https://template.neptune-software.com/neptune/sdk/explored.html#doc00163EDC99661ED69A88DB31E33A8684

Yes, using NAM you can create your own Launchpad policies and apply them to your individual Launchpad tiles, how to: https://template.neptune-software.com/neptune/sdk/explored.html#doc00163EDC99661EE4B4A9D727EA3BBBF1 

Best regards


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